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All About Red Dates Power 關於棗以動心

Company Overview 公司簡介

Red Dates, Jujube

Red Dates Power focus on planting of red dates, research and development , production and sales of red dates beverages. The key products are Red Dates Vinegar Drinks, red dates snacks, and Passion Fruit Drinks.

Red Dates Limited is the sole international distributor of all products of Red Dates Power (exclude Mainland China).

The Natural Gift from Xinjiang 來自新彊大自然的禮物

Red dates, jujube, Xinjiang

Xinjiang, China 

- the base of red dates planting 

- located at 1700m high sea level

- with clean water from snow mountain

- long hours of sunshine

- with best soil for the growth of red dates

Factory Location - Mount Luofu 設廠地點 - 羅浮山


The factory is located in the national 5A-level scenic spot - Huizhou Luofu Mountain, surrounded by mountains and waters, and the environment is pleasant. 

The Factory 廠房


Red Dates Power has its own factory with 12 sets of well managed production lines, such as cans, glass bottles, bottled beverages, bottled water and dried fruits.  With a construction area of ​​more than 10,000 m2, the factory has a large number of national advanced beverages, food research and development technicians and production personnel, and is strong in both hardware and software resources. 

Promotion 活動


Joint Promotion with Walnut Shop

Promotion Period: From 22 Jun 2019

Outlet Information:  https://www.walnut.com.hk/marketing-information/ 


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